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Crawl Space Encapsulation

We can transform your damp, moldy crawl space or cellar into a clean, dry space. Improve your air quality, save on energy, eliminate mold and protect your home’s structure with our crawl space encapsulation service.

Cellar, Basement and Crawl Space Encapsulation

Proper crawl space encapsulation requires cleaning the space, addressing sources of moisture, addressing any existing mold issues, and THEN beginning the encapsulation process.

Many installers use light duty materials, only 8 or 10 mil plastic, that is easier to puncture, degrades rapidly, and may not even be a true vapor barrier. We use the heaviest duty material around, a 22 mil vapor barrier, which is painstakingly laid out and taped for a true barrier.

Unlike national chains, our locally owned and operated family business is able to deliver a quality solution at a price that’s right for area homeowners. Its not unusual for our quotes to be just 30-50% of what national chains charge.

In addition, our staff is trained and certified for proper mold remediation by the Profesional Mold Inspection Institute. It’s important to not only encapsulate to prevent further growth, but to scrub away any existing mold.

With expertise in cleaning, water damage restoration, mold remediation, and encapsulations, you can count on ACR as your one stop shop to address all your crawl space issues.


Our well-trained technicians use heavy duty encapsulation materials and are certified for mold remediation as well.

Our Crawl Space Encapsulation Features

Toughest Materials:

Don’t settle for flimsy, easily torn and punctured materials. Demand 20+ mil encapsulation-specific material.

Clean Then Encapsulate:

We can take care of the entire process for you including cleaning out the crawl space, removing existing mold, and properly encapsulating to prevent humidity and further mold growth.

Affordable Pricing:

Feel free to copmare our pricing to large national chain providers. We’re here to serve our neighbors with high quality and fair pricing.

Professional quality crawl space encapsulation in new construction

Call Us:

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We’d be grateful for the opportunity to quote your crawl space encapsulation job. Please know we’ll take your job as seriously as we would for our own family.

Why should I encapsulate my crawl space?

There are many benefits including increased home value, reduce intrusion of bugs and pests, protecting the structure of the home, preventing damp insluation, eliminating odors and mold, healthier air, and reducing cooling bills.

Will my homeowners insurance company pay for it?

Insurers have different policies and the best bet is to check with your insurance company. If you’ve had any type of sudden water damage in your crawl space, you insurer may cover repairs and remediation. Typically they will not cover for damage due to instances of neglect.

Proactively mitigating any existing crawl space issues is a good way to prevent more serious and costly problems from arising, and from having subsequent disagreements with your insurer.

How does crawl space humidity affect my cooling bill?

Humid air from the crawl space naturally rises through air gaps up into the home, as warmer air moves up and out of the home. Humid air holds more heat and takes more effort and electricity for your HVAC system to keep the temperature comfortable.

How does crawl space encapsulation prevent structural damage?

The exposed floor joists in your crawl space can sag, crack or buckle when damaged by moisture, termites, other wood-boring pests, and even mold.

Keeping the crawl space air free from humidity and moisture addresses all these issues, helping keep your home’s structure intact.