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Residential Carpet Cleaning


You have worked hard for what you have, and your home is your most important investment. Even carpets and furnishings of the highest quality will start to look dull over time. The material and textures today very greatly between manufactures of carpet and upholstery. Advanced Cleaning and Restoration has different cleaning options to best suit your individual needs. We understand making them last as long as possible are key in maintaining your biggest investment.


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Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Using the Most Advanced Cleaning Technology in the World !

Best Clean Possible:

We make sure you have the best carpet cleaning possible. We now have the #1 carpet cleaning technology in the World.

Scotchgard Brand:

We want the clean to last. So we use the best protectant available on the market, 3M's ScotchGard family of products.

Custom Clean:

No two carpets are the same so there is not a one size fits all for cleaning. Some carpets need to be handled more delicately.

Common Uses

Commercial Carpet Cleaning


A clean office will speak volumes to your customers, and your carpets are no exception. Vacuuming alone will take care of surface dirt, but over time that dirt will seep down into the carpet fibers leaving your office looking dingy. Conditions such as traffic, carpet type and color of the carpet will all affect how often you will need to have them professionally cleaned. Not having your carpets Professionally cleaned over time will cause damage to the fibers. It is recommended that most business can get away with professional cleaning once every twelve months. That recommendation will change on what the conditions are at your office. Our professional cleaning experts are able to address the frequency you might need, and offer products to best suit your needs.


Advanced Cleaning and Restoration uses only advanced equipment and practices to professionally lift even the most stubborn dirt. Call us for your free business consultation. 423-609-7097

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