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Regular Office Hours
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Monday - Friday
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q) Why do pet stains not come out of the glue under area rugs?
A) While most stains do come out of the fibers, glue under the rug stains differently. The stain can permanently discolor the glue under the rug.
Q) Do I need to vacuum before you come?
A) A Light vacuuming before we show is normal, however our machines lift dirt out of the carpet as we clean.
Q) How long does it take for the carpet to dry?
A) Most of our customers report to us that their carpets are usually dry between 2-4 hours.
Q) Can you guarantee all stains will come out?
A) While it true we can remove most stains, some stains can permanently discolor the carpet fibers.
Q) Do you use the same chemical on carpets as you do on upholstery?
A) No... With so many different fabric types on the market today, using a chemical that is delicate on all types of fabric is important.
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